About Blunt Blade

Blunt Blade is originally from southeast Minnesota. His musical influences range from Frank Zappa, to Radiohead, to Miles Davis, to Tame Impala, to Talking Heads, to Iron Maiden, to Metric, to Soundgarden, to Tool, to Phish, to Dream Theater, and on to far too many more to list. Blunt blade grew up listening to every style of music he could get into his sonically gluttonous ears. He began singing as far back as he can remember, playing piano by age 7, guitar by age 15, bass and drums by age 16. He founded the cover band Chainsaw Vendetta (originally named Chainsaw Vasectomy) as lead guitar player and lead singer at age 16. He went to college on vocal and guitar scholarships. Blunt Blade’s music is an amalgam of electronic, indie, hard rock, and classical, with a twist of dance and a sprinkle of disco. He couples these styles with his baritone vocals for a unique and original sound.

Blunt Blade's debut LP released on Sept 12, 2022 and is available to stream, download, or purchase.